UAV Doctrine for Aircraft Carrier

UAV Doctrine for Aircraft Carrier 17 July, 2020

Aircraft carriers are strategic platforms in terms of being able to carry and use air power anywhere in the world seas at any time. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are developing day by day, are gradually taking their place in the seas.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy began preparations for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles on Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. A senior official at the RAF recently made a statement about development at a conference. Within the scope of the process, HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) and HMS Prince of Wales (R09) will operate UAVs in addition to the F-35B Lightning IIs, which are described as swarming drones and "loyal wingmen" drones. Some evaluation studies will be made for the use of unmanned platforms. Then, the autonomous wingman program will be launched and new systems will be developed within the scope of needs.

The UK has already begun work on UAVs that can accompany manned platforms as part of its Tempest program.

UAV Doctrine for Aircraft Carrier

Issue 86