Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here

Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here 6 April, 2020

There is a new photo from USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

After the captain Brett Crozier, who reported the increasing coronavirus incident on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, a new image spread on social media. Captain Crozier, wrote a letter to the Pacific Fleet to report the incident of coronavirus on board, said, "We are not in war and the staff do not have to die." Before the letter appeared, the Pentagon announced that three staff tested positive, and two days later, the number of people detected the virus rose to 25. It turned out that the virus affected more than 70 staff and spread rapidly.

The Navy removed Crozier from his post on the ship.

Following these developments, US-based Defense News magazine correspondent David B. Larter shared a photo from his personal twitter account. Larter reminded that Crozier’s leaked mail drew attention to the fact that the environment where the crew was sleeping was not suitable to fight the spread of the virus.

Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here

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