UCAV Fleet Expands

UCAV Fleet Expands 6 July, 2020

Unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) are an important power multiplier both by their endurance and offering attack opportunities to opportunity targets. In addition, the new generation of light smart ammunition creates a significant air force pressure on the enemy.

Serbia is continuing its work on modernization and military system procurement to improve army facilities and meet the requirements of the modern battlefield. In this context, introducing the platforms that have been developed or modernized with local opportunities in the past weeks, Belgrade announced that the UCAV was received from China.

Serbia introduced the received CH-92A UAVs at an event attended by President Aleksandar Vučić at Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlovic Air Base located in Bataitsa, near Belgrade. While it was not specified how many platforms reached the country, three of the CH-92As ordered six were seen in the shared images. Within the scope of the package, it was also seen that laser-guided ammunition entered the inventory along with the systems. Vučić said that 18 laser-guided ammunition is currently in the inventory, but when necessary, more systems can be acquired quickly and at high numbers, thanks to its low costs. The Serbian Army is planned to receive more ammunition systems in the future.

Thus, the systems received by Serbia, which has become the first UCAV user in the region, can perform reconnaissance-surveillance and attack tasks with a 250 km operational diameter. The platform, which offers target detection and attack from a range of 9 km, can reach 16,500 feet of service altitude. In the photos shared by the Serbian Ministry of Defence, it was determined that the ammunition delivered with the UAVs was FT-8C.

UCAV Fleet Expands

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