Third Submarine Arrived

Third Submarine Arrived 12 May, 2020

Egypt, which strengthened its navy significantly with the platforms it procured from Europe, took delivery of the third submarine from Germany.

Egypt continues its investments that will change the balances in the Mediterranean. In this context, Egyptian Navy has taken delivery of the third of the four Type 209/1400 submarines ordered from Germany. Departing from Germany, ENS S43 (867) completed its maiden voyage by reaching Ras el-Tin Base on May 5.

The 1400-ton model of the Type 209s, developed and built by Germany, has a diesel-electric propulsion system. Submarines can reach a 8,200 nautical miles maximum at cruise speed. Vessels that can launch UGM-84 Sub Harpoon anti-aircraft missiles during dive also equipped with 533 mm torpedoes and also in inventory of the Turkish Navy inventory.

Third Submarine Arrived

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