UK Unveils Future Fighter Concept

UK Unveils Future Fighter Concept 16 July, 2018

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson unveiled at the Farnborough air show a full-size mock-up of Tempest, a conceptual next-generation fighter that he said will fly alongside the Lockheed Martin F-35 and the Eurofighter Typhoon in the Royal Air Force in the mid-2030s. Britain plans to develop this new fighter as a joint venture between British aerospace contractors BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and MBDA UK Ltd in cooperation with Italy’s Leonardo. UK cooperates with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for Turkish next gen fighter jet programme. It also tried to match with Swedish Saab as well as French-German cooperation but failed.

The project aims to create a new fighter called “Tempest” by 2035, which will have the option of being flown autonomously or by a pilot and will be equipped with laser weapons.


UK Unveils Future Fighter Concept

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