UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces

UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces 23 February, 2018

Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) announced that Turkish Armed Forces will receive KATMERCİLER's 20 Remote Controlled Weapon Platform (UKAP). 

SSM has shared video footage of the first prototype of the UKAP on its official Twitter account. According to the information obtained, the technical characteristics of the UKAP changed at some point in the direction of the armed forces' requests but no information was available about these changes. KATMERCİLER exhibited UKAP for the first time at IDEF 17. Then, at the 6th Private Sector R&D and Design Centres Summit, UKAP took its place with its new satellite control feature.

The vehicle has electric and hybrid models. It is a modular platform that can be easily configured according to different needs. The first prototype was developed as a weapon platform and equipped with ASELSAN's SARP weapon turret and a satellite communications system.

UKAP can carry military ammunition and equipment with a payload capacity of up to two tons. Operation time is minimum 5 hours with battery. This can rise up to 8 hours with a generator. The vehicle can reach a speed of 25 km/h.

UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces

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