Ukraine and Poland Develops Join Anti-Tank Missile

Ukraine and Poland Develops Join Anti-Tank Missile 24 February, 2020

Ukraine continues to cooperate with the foreign countries for the development of anti-tank missile and production capabilities.

Poland is preparing to cooperate with Kiev for the production of Ukrainian-origin Pirat anti-tank missiles in the country. In this process, the main contractor company for production will be ZM Mesko. In 2004, the company signed a license agreement with Rafael for the production of Spike-LR missiles in the country, and the company will also add Pirat systems to its product range.

The system, called Pirat missile family, consists of two main products. The infantry model -named as Pirat-1-, can reach a 2,500 metres range. The warhead weighs of 2.5 kilograms and the missile has armour-piercing, thermobaric and high explosive fragmentation warhead selections depending on the user preference. The system, which weighs 10 kilograms, can be launched from the canister, weighs 5 kilograms and is 1180 mm long. Having similar features, Pirat-2 reaches its target by following the laser beam scattered from the surface. The system, which has a new range with Pirat-1, reaches its target in 5.5 seconds instead of 12 seconds.

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