Ukraine: Both Market and Venue of Cooperation

Ukraine: Both Market and Venue of Cooperation 7 November, 2017

ASELSAN was the most auspicious foreign company at the “International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security 2017” organised in Ukraine. In the scope of this event, we got together with President & CEO of ASELSAN Faik Eken to discuss ASELSAN’s activities in this country.  

C4Defence: ASELSAN stands out as one of the most favourite companies at the exhibition. What is your opinion of the Ukrainian market? What are your targets?

ASELSAN President & CEO Faik Eken: The direction we take in Ukraine is shaped by the requirements of this country’s armed forces. Our observation is that their major and urgent requirements are in the domain of communications. For this reason, we launched our activities with particular reference to this need.  Secondly; we are contemplating to open up to foreign markets together. In this regard, there are activities currently underway in the field of electro-optics. We have at hand an electro-optic work for a foreign customer.

C4Defence: Did you compete with other companies in radios?

Faik Eken: It was in 2016 that we sought to fulfil Ukraine’s communication requirements. At that time there was an ongoing evaluation period. Contestants from the United States, Europe and Israel were strictly questioned. As a usual procedure also observed in many other countries, Ukraine conducted comparative tests to determine whose product would best suit their needs. The products were also evaluated on a cost-efficiency basis. Even before that stage, they supplied a small number of products from us, used them and made their final decision upon feedback. In other words, our tactical radios are already operational here in this country. We delivered them a limited number of samples based on some preliminary agreements.

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