Ukraine to Request Assistance of Turkey for Project 58250 Corvettes

Ukraine to Request Assistance of Turkey for Project 58250 Corvettes 11 November, 2019

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry has initiated works on building at least four corvettes for the country’s navy, the ministry’s official news agency ArmyInform reported on Sept. 18.

The process will start with resuming the construction of the Volodymyr the Great corvette as the lead vessel of Project 58250 class of perspective warships. Navy initiated building back in 2011, but there is almost no progress since then.

Turkey and the United States are ready to submit proposals to equip the ship with appropriate weapons, survivability, engines and more. The Turkish side also expressed its readiness to build the main ship for Ukraine, and in the future – the corvettes for its armed forces under this project.

It is considered very important that the necessary decisions must be made regarding the corvette program and its restoration following the instruction of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. And the first thing to do is to determine the main contractor, because the PJSC “Black Sea Shipyard”, where the unfinished hull of the first Ukrainian corvette is currently located, was put up for sale by the decision of the Economic Court of the Mykolaiv region. So, there is now a search for another company to guarantee that the ship will continue to be built to contract with him.

Volodymyr the Great Project (Project 58250):

The program to build four Project 58250 class corvettes by 2021 was initially signed off in late 2011. In the wake of Russia’s invasion in Crimea and the subsequent war in Donbas, the program was put on hold for the sake of saving funds for ground forces opposing Russian proxies in the country’s east.

By 2017, the class’ lead ship Volodymyr the Great was ready only by 17 per cent, mostly in terms of the vessel’s hull, and the building was expected to be completed only by 2028.

In July 2019, then-Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak stated that the corvette was 32 per cent complete, although as much as Hr 2.2 billion funding was still required for the program.

In general, Project 58250 class vessels were designed as 2,620-ton multipurpose corvettes able to build up the speed of up to 32 knots (59 kilometres per hour) with an operational range of 4,000 nautical miles. Besides, they can support their 108 crews for 30 days in independent sailing.

They were designed to carry a 76-millimetre cannon OTO Melara, a Rheinmetall GDM-008 close-in weapon system, as MU90 Impact anti-submarine torpedoes, Exocet anti-ship missiles, and Aster air defence missiles. Besides, one of the class’ vessels was designed to be carrying NH90 or Kamov Ka-27 helicopters.

The first ship was named after Volodymyr the Great.

Length, Overall: 112,0 M

Beam, Overall: 13,50 M

Draught, Max: 3,50 M

Displacement, Full Load: 2650 T

Max Speed: Not Less 30 Kts

Complement: 110


Sensors and Communication:

• 3D Air/Surface long-range Surveillance radar

• 3D Air/Surface middle range Surveillance radar

• Long-range over the Horizon Targeting radar


• Optical Radar Fire Control System

• Optoelectronic Fire Control System

• Hull mounted sonar and Towed array sonar


• Navigation Radar

• Integrated bridge system


• 2x4 SSM launchers

• SAM system middle range

• 76 mm gun

• 2x1 35 mm guns

• 2х3 324 mm torpedo launchers

• 2x12,7 mm machine guns

• Chaff decoy launchers

• Multipurpose helicopter up to 11 t

Technical specifications:

Range (at 14 kts)

4000 NM



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