Mongoose offer to Poland

Mongoose offer to Poland 12 September, 2018

Ukraine has proposed a new vehicle to Poland. The Mongoose vehicle offered to Poland, which wanted to replace the BRDM-2 vehicles in their inventory and at the end of their useful life.

According to the statement made by UkrOboronProm, Promoboroneksport signed a understanding agreement with WZM company.

Mongoose, is a modernized version of BRDM-2 amphibious armored vehicles, was developed at the Mykolayiv Armored Plant. The body is made of armor steel with a thickness of 10mm. With additional armor layer, the safety of the vehicle is increased. It is stated that the vehicle will make a show in Poland in September and after this demonstration.

According to local media reports, Poland is planning to supply 200 new vehicles.

Mongoose offer to Poland

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