Ukraine Modernizes its Tanks

Ukraine Modernizes its Tanks 13 February, 2019


A new statement came from Ukraine, which is working for modernization and compliance with Western standards. An announcement came from the official social media account of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Since 2018, over 100 modernized T-64 tanks have been received from Kharkiv Facilities in Ukraine. In the statement, it is announced that the so-called T-64 2017 systems have new combat capabilities. Tanks were equipped with digital crypted communication systems, thermal imagers, satellite navigation systems and new dynamic protection systems. According to a statement from UkrOboronProm, these improvements have led to a significant increase in the combat capabilities of the vehicles. The integration of new equipment was carried out during routine maintenance.

The integrated systems have reduced the maintenance time and maintenance costs of the platforms. By integrating the sight system into the thermal imager, the platforms have the ability to combat in all weather conditions. The tanks have the ability to conduct communications with the Orizon-Navigation production navigation and the Lybid K-2RB digital communications systems supplied by Dolya & Co. in a range of 70 kilometers.

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