Uncertainty at F-35 Lightning II

Uncertainty at F-35 Lightning II 20 June, 2018

The United Kingdom is undecided to increase the capabilities of its F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Minister for Defence Procurement Guto Bebb explained that it is still unclear whether the Distributed Aperture System (DAS) developed by Raytheon will be integrated into the Royal Air Force aircraft or not. The statement also include that DAS could be included in the upgrade program with other future systems, and that there is no negotiation on pricing yet.

Five days after Bebb's announcement, Lockheed Martin announced that its capabilities in Lot 15 production in 2023, it is stated that aircrafts' capacity will enhance and costs will reduce for DAS suppliers. In 2023, the UK will receive 42 of the 48 F-35B Lightning IIs it ordered.

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