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21.06.2018 10:06

Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Shared KTJ 3200 Engine's Video

Undersecretariat for Defence Industries shared video of the KTJ 3200 turbojet engine on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts, which is developed for the SOM missile, by Kale Ar-Ge. The video recorded during the tests of the engine on the test platform, "The KTJ 3200 turbojet engine developed by KALE AR-GE has been successfully tested for use in the SOM missile. The KTJ 3200 engine will be the domestic and national power source for all platforms that will serve as air to ground or surface to air missiles. "

The KTJ-3200, which is developed within the project of SOM engine development project, developed for the needs of the Turkish Air Force, will be able to be used with SOM as well as similar systems with modifications if necessary. The company is also referred to as the first step in the development of jet engines that can reach even longer distances.

The SOM, which was started to delivery in 2018 to the Turkish Air Force, weighs 600 kilograms. SOM can hit different targets with high precision. It has 230 kilograms of warhead.

Video :


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