Unexpected Offer From UK for Altay's Engine

Unexpected Offer From UK for Altay's Engine 14 September, 2017

A surprise solution offer came from the UK for the engine of Turkish Altay Main Battle Tank. US-based heavy duty and defence vehicle manufacturer Caterpiller stepped in for Turkey's engine need. According to the information C4Defence obtained, the company's UK-based defence unit paid a visit to Ankara by the end of August. The company, who had meetings with Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries officials and plans a second visit in November, offered its V12 engine and one of its power groups as a solution to Turkey. 

Although the company is unwilling for a technology transfer on the new generation CV12 engine, it gives greenlight for engine's production in Turkey. The company initially offers an urgent solution with its power group for the first batch of Altay tank which will consist of 250 units out of a thousand Turkey plans to produce in the long run. 

The offered engine, which also powers UK Army's Challanger I and II tanks, is on display at DSEI 2017 fair in London.

Unexpected Offer From UK for Altay's Engine

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