Unidef's Tower Solution is Qualified

Unidef's Tower Solution is Qualified 20 February, 2020

Unidef company unveiled its protection solution for VIP convoys at IDEF 2019.  The answer is adapted to the van and provides effective defence for the security of convoy. A Remote Controlled Weapon Station ( RCWS) is mounted on the roof of the van. The basket is hidden inward under the two-piece hatch. The system is invisible from outside unless it is operational and it facilitates loading ammunition from the inside. If desired, 7.62 X 51mm calibre Profense M134 Minigun or 5.56 X 45mm Profense PM556 micro minigun, M249 and M240 submachine guns can be integrated into RCWS. The tower can be installed to VIP armoured protection vehicles as well as it can be applied as an open cupola by adding front and rear armour panel kits in all types of armoured combat vehicles. The company announced that the product had passed the qualification tests by sharing a visual about the car on social media.

Unidef's Tower Solution is Qualified

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