University-Industry Partnership

University-Industry Partnership 20 August, 2020

Universities are an important multiplier because they are a direct source of labour in building the industrial infrastructure of countries.

Turkey, which conducting studies for university-industry partnership; has added a new one to its steps. Another important step has been taken in the field of industry-university cooperation, which has been spoken for years, with the establishment of OSTİM Technical University. In the statement made by OSSA (OSTİM Defence and Aviation Cluster), "The university-industry cooperation model, which has been spoken with OSTIM Technical University for years, is now right next to you. Producing added value, which is one of the most important elements in the National Technology Move, and this is the OSTİM itself. It will be your fortune to do it in a university like the Technical University, that is, in a university located in the heart of the industry. " description were included.

Making a statement on the subject, Vice President of Defence Industries Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekci underlined the contribution of OSTIM Technical University to the "National Technology Move" and making the model accessible to young people. Dr. Tufekci emphasized the importance of producing added value, one of the most important elements of the industry.

Issue 86