Unmanned Period in Airborne Early Warning

Unmanned Period in Airborne Early Warning 9 November, 2018

China, introduced a new system in Airshow China 2018 China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETGC) introduced the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system, which was adapted to the airborne early warning mission.

The system, described as “first of its kind” was introduced as JY-300. Platform has similar size with Caihong-4 (CH-4) unmanned aerial vehicle, is 11 meters long and has 20 meters wingspan. The platform, which is equipped with many radar and sensors including fixed active phase scanning radar, can operate in different climate and terrain conditions. The platform equipped with a turboprop engine can operate at a range of one thousand kilometres and reach an altitude of 5,000 meters. The JY-300 offers a  limited but low-cost airborne early warning solution, and carries its radars on sides of the fuselage. Thanks to the digital phased array radar, the platform can also monitor flying threats at low altitude and can monitor ground mobility.

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