Unmanned Su-57

Unmanned Su-57 23 May, 2020

While the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has become widespread day by day, studies are being conducted on the unmanned flying capability of existing manned platforms. Optional unmanned use of new generation manned jets is also on the agenda.

According to the report of the Russian Sputink News Agency, progress has been made on the unpiloted mission capability for Su-57 (NATO Code: Felon) aircraft. The T-50 Test Laboratory conducted a series of test-trial activities for the pilotless flight of the aircraft. Although there was a pilot on the plane during the activities, it did not interfere with the control interfaces and only checked the operation of the systems. The platform returned to the base following the control of the required parameters.

The fifth generation Su-57, which made its first flight in 2010, is described as the most advanced combat jet of Russia. In addition to advanced composite components in the production of aircraft, state-of-the-art communications, avionics, mission control, radar are used. The advanced mission computer of the platforms also enables the pilotless flight of the Su-57. The fuselage of the aircraft, which also have advanced ground attack capabilities, has a reduced radar cross section and the infrared signature.

Unmanned Su-57

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