Unmanned Tanker to Refuel Fighter Jets In Flight

Unmanned Tanker to Refuel Fighter Jets In Flight 21 December, 2018

Boeing has secured a $90.4 million contract to deliver the MQ-25A Stingray to the US Navy.

Boeing Defence, Space & Security recently won a contract to design, develop, fabricate, test, deliver, and support four MQ-25A Stingray unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), integrating them into the aircraft carrier air wing.

 “Once operational, the MQ-25A Stingray will be the world’s first carrier-based, unmanned aircraft, providing a robust organic refuelling capability to the carrier air wing,” says Captain Chad Reed, Navy Unmanned Carrier Aviation programme manager.

Under the contract, worth an initial $805.3m, Boeing will deliver the fully operational MQ-25As by 2024.

The UAV will have the capacity to carry 15,000 pounds of fuel and will be used to refuel the F/A-18 Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and F-35C fighter jets, extending their range and time in the air significantly. Taking off from the deck like any other aircraft, the MQ-25A will have a range of around 500 nautical miles. Personnel aboard the carrier will operate it using satellite and radio communications to coordinate refuelling with pilots.




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