US Businessmen to Focus on Turkey

US Businessmen to Focus on Turkey 3 October, 2018

The American-Turkish Council, which brings Turkish businessmen together with American industrialists and state authorities with the summits held in Washington DC, and will organize its 37th between 22-24 October, will lead US businessmen to Turkey in order to bring together with representatives of Turkish aviation and defense industry. The mission, called Aerospace & Defense Trade Mission will be held between 3-7 December 2018 with the contributions of the US Department of Commerce. In the event, American companies will contact with Turkish representatives for their cooperation and trade opportunities on aviation and defense. Among the institutions and organizations to be visited by the mission members; The Ministry of National Defense, State Airport Operations, Defense Industry Presidency, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, SASAD, Aselsan, TAI, TEI and Havelsan are remarking.

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