US considers starting F-22 production 21 April, 2016

US Congress is looking into restarting production of the F-22 fighter jet, according to a defence bill proposal released Tuesday. The House Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee released its portion of the “2017 National Defense Authorization Act”, which advised looking into restarting production of F-22. Congressional panel wants now the US Air Force to assess the cost and feasibility of re-starting F-22 production. The subcommittee says exploring the idea of restarting production is worthy "in light of growing threats to U.S. air superiority as a result of adversaries closing the technology gap and increasing demand from allies and partners for high-performance, multi-role aircraft to meet evolving and worsening global security threats." In addition, there is interest within the Air Force and the Pentagon in potentially restarting production of the F-22, it said. 

US considers starting F-22 production

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