US to Proceed 100 kW Laser

US to Proceed 100 kW Laser 8 August, 2018

US Army has signed an agreement with Dynetics and Lockheed Martin. With the agreement, the companies will proceed to the next phase of the HEL TVD (High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator) development process.

HEL TVD program aims to develop a 100 kW class laser weapon system. In this context, the first phase was left behind and Lockheed Martin completed the System Requirements Review.  Design review phase will begin in January 2019.

The HEL TVD System, intended to be used against enemy artillery, mortars and unmanned aerial systems, will be tested on FMTV truck. Following tests scheduled to start at the White Sands Mssile Range, New Mexico in 2022, the performances of Dynetics and Lockheed Martin systems will be reviewed and one of the systems selected and integrated into FMTV trucks in the US Army inventory.

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