USA's New Ally: Indonesia

USA's New Ally: Indonesia 20 March, 2020

Indonesia, which had close relations with the former Soviet Union in the early periods of the Cold War, converged to the USA in the 1960s with the anti-communist policies of the country's President Suharto. It is unclear how Indonesia will take the supply of Su-35 nowadays in order not to be in conflict with the USA.

Jakarta, which has been negotiating with Russia for the platform since 2017, will cancel its supply due to the pressure of the White House and sanctions planned afterwards, according to the Bloomberg media.

Due to the embargo imposed by the USA in the 1990s, Indonesia wanted to buy Su-27s and Su-30s from Russia.

Jakarta signed an agreement with Russia for 11 Su-35s worth approximately 1.1 billion USD. The Indonesian Government, which announced that it would supply the naval patrol vessels from China that would cost 200 million USD, announced that it had given up this acquisition. Among those on the agenda that Jakarta, which has taken fast steps towards breaking the agreement with the two countries that the US has strategically confronted, will supply F-35A Lightning II instead of Su-35. It is also among the information that the White House recommended F-16 to Indonesia.

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