US-Turkey Negotiations on Patriot Continue

US-Turkey Negotiations on Patriot Continue 23 March, 2018

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hami Aksoy said that the talks with the US on the acquisition of Patriot system are continuing.

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu told a newspaper during his visit to Germany that due to concerns of the Congress, they faced difficulty buying even simple rifles from the US and if the US administration gives assurance that Congress will approve it, they would purchase the Patriot systems. With this statement, the minister gave green light for the acquisition Patriot systems.

Following this news, the spokesman Aksoy said one of the main subjects on the agenda of the bilateral talks between Turkey and the US that will be held on March 31 would be the supply Patriot air defence systems. On the other hand, as Turkey proceeded with the supply of S-400 systems from Russia, it was claimed that the US would not supply F-35s to Turkey.

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