UVision: The Israeli Loitering Munitions Specialist 11 July, 2019

Present at Le Bourget in 2015, UVision from Israel was back four years later to unveil a series of new systems. Probably the only company specialised in a single category of weapon systems, loitering munitions, UVision introduced a new version of its HERO-120 as well as a multiple launcher for its HERO-400RC.

The HERO-120 is the second in size within UVision’s portfolio, the lighter system being the HERO-30 that is in service with various customers, mostly Special Forces units. With the exception of longer range systems, all UVision munitions adopt for their wings a cruciform configuration; according to the Zur Igal-based company, this ensures optimal lift while reaching the target area and orbiting over it, as well as maximum manoeuvrability during the dive phase towards the target, thanks to the capacity of sustaining higher numbers of G compared to conventional wings. Two sets of cruciform wings are fitted to the munition, larger ones located around the centre of gravity, providing lift, and smaller one at the rear, ensuring manoeuvrability. Propulsion is provided by an electric motor which activates a pushing propeller which blades open once the munition leaves its canister, wings also deploying at that time; according to the company the propulsion system is extremely quiet, the HERO-120 being inaudible at ranges greater than 100 meters.

Issue 86