Unusual Training at Far East

Unusual Training at Far East 5 May, 2020

In the Far East, where the waters are getting warmer every day, training activities continue at full speed as well as armament.

The USA continues its training activities despite COVID-19. Within the framework of these activities, fixed-wing air elements affiliated to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) conducted anti-surface warfare trainings. F/A-18 Hornets of the Marines conducted exercises on simulated attack scenarios with AGM-84D Harpoon missiles.

The trainings were carried out within the framework of the USA's Force Design 2030 Plan. In this way, it is aimed to develop the capabilities of the Marine Corps in the Indo-Pacific Region, such as sea control and denial.

Unlike other US military elements, USMC can take orders directly from the President. The President has the right to send the Marine Corps as the first wave to the regions they need without the need for congressional approval.

In addition, the B-1B Lancer strategic bombers of the US Air Force (USAF) performed training in the East China Sea on May 4. The platforms departing from the Andersen Air Base stationed in Guam returned to the base following the completion of their duties in the region.

Unusual Training at Far East

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