VAB Mk3 to Continue

VAB Mk3 to Continue 7 July, 2018

Arquus (formerly Renault Truck Defence) announced that the production of the Mk3 6x6, VAB (Vehicule de l'Avant Blindé) will continue. It is also stated that new variants will be developed in line with the needs of potential export customers.

The latest version of the VAB 6x6 Mk3 is an armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle equipped with advanced cameras, laser rangefinders and electronics on an moving mast. Vehicle can be equipped Arquus Lite 7,62-millimeter remote-controlled weapon station. VAB 6x6 Mk3 is not amphibious. Developed from VAB with private venture, VAB Mk3 has a 340 or 370 HP diesel engine and weighs 20 tons.

VAB Mk3 to Continue

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