“Valiant” Submarine to the Royal Navy

“Valiant” Submarine to the Royal Navy 7 December, 2018

United Kingdom made a statement about the new nuclear submarine program. In the statement, it is announced that the first one of the platforms to be put into service as the Dreadnought class wll be named as HMS Valiant.

The platforms developed to replace Vanguard class submarines, which are near the end of their life. New subs will be put into service as of 2028. At present, the nuclear deterrent provided by the Vanguard-class nuclear submarines will be on the Dreadnought class platform.

United States and the United Kingdom work together as part of the program approved in May 2011. The total displacement of 153.6 metres-long submarines planned to be in total is estimated at 17.200 tons. There will be up to 40 nuclear warheads on the platforms to be operated with a crew of 130. Construction, and structural steel works started within the scope of the project, which will be carried out at the Barrow-in-Furness Facilities of BAE Systems.

“Valiant” Submarine to the Royal Navy

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