VECTOR Made Debut

VECTOR Made Debut July 2, 2018

The VECTOR (Versatile Expeditionary, Commando Tactical Off Road) 4x4 vehicles, recently received by the Special Forces of the Netherlands, has seen for the first time at the parade, which was held for Veterans Day.

The Nehterlands-based Defenture company has developed its vehicles with the name AATV (Air Transportable Combat Vehicle), keeping the lightness and cross country capability in the forefront. VECTOR, is a specialized version of the AATV for the Netherlands Armed Forces, built on the GRF 5.12 chasis, is 5.1 meters long and 2.2 meters wide. The vehicle, which can carry 1440 kilograms of payload has a maximum weight of 4700 kilograms and powered by a 214 HP diesel engine. With the 4x4 driving and 6-speed automatic gearbox, it can climb %90 slopes. Vehicle's range is 800 kilometers.

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