Vertical Launch of HISAR

Vertical Launch of HISAR 5 December, 2017

The systems under ASELSAN's HISAR project have for the first time undergone vertical launch tests and the 360-degree protection feature was successfully tested. The subsystem integration test activities have been completed and the system level development and testing process have started, according to ASELSAN's newly published magazine.

HİSAR-A; The Self-propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System consists of the Missile Launch System (FFS), the Low Altitude Missile, and the Missile Carriage and Loading System which can be launched from both HISAR-A and HISAR-O Systems. HİSAR-O ensures that for air defence of critical facilities and deployed units, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground missiles are neutralized in up to a range of 25 km.

Vertical Launch of HISAR

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