Vietnamese Anti-Ship Missile

Vietnamese Anti-Ship Missile 27 May, 2020

Having conflicts on border disputes and territorial waters with China, Vietnam continues to invest in the domestic defence industry.

Vietnam continues its product studies with the domestic defence sector, which it mostly forms with the licensed production method. The images of the VCM-01 developed at the end of the two-year R&D process from the KCT-15s, which the country designed on the basis of the Russian-based Kh-35E anti-ship missile, which it also has a production license, were published. In missiles, which are similar to the Kh-35E also known as 3M24E (NATO Code: AS-20 Kayak), Vietnam also used domestic subcomponents, but the ratio of them is unknown. Some critical electronic subsystems are imported from Russia that the topic discussed in defence backstage. However, most electronic components used in missiles were produced by Viettel and Telecoms Group companies. In addition, Vietnam had negotiated a with the Republic of Korea for the SSE-750K turbojet engine for missiles. The current fate of the process is unknown.

Technological infrastructure acquired from Russia was used in the system, which is stated to contribute significantly to the defence infrastructure of Vietnam. Guided missiles have some structural differences from the Kh-35s. The active radar-guided projectiles can reach 300 km range, carry 300 kilograms warhead and equipped with GLONASS based navigation system. Vietnam is carrying out studies for the coastal defence variant of the missile, called KT-184, mounted on a 6x6 truck.

Vietnamese Anti-Ship Missile

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