Virus Didn't Affect Turkish Defence Industry

Virus Didn't Affect Turkish Defence Industry 7 May, 2020

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir answered questions of of Turkey's leading defence magazines via domestic video conferencing system. Answering the questions of C4Defence, Demir made important statements about the Turkish defence sector's agenda.

Stating that travel internal and external restrictions have an impact on the industry, Prof. Dr. Demir told that there was no delay in JEMUS, UAV, helicopter, criminal vehicle and National Combat Aircraft (MMU) processes as well as land, air and sea projects. While it was stated that there was no zero effect, there is small effects. It was explained that these are generally foreign sources. It was stated that studies were carried out in order to keep the impacts to a minimum and that the studies continue within the framework of the measures taken in order to ensure that the strategic projects do not fail.

You can watch the full stream from our C4Defence TV Youtube account.

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