Waiting for Turkey's Decision on Second Barth of S-400

Waiting for Turkey's Decision on Second Barth of S-400 2 June, 2020

Turkey announced that it has reached an agreement with Russia to procure S-400, in line with the needs of the high-altitude air defence system in 2017. Then, the S-400 adventure of Turkish Armed Forces had begun.

Delivery of systems under an agreement signed with Russia began with a Russian transport plane arrived to Murted Air Base at Ankara in July 2019. Delivery of the components was continued by air until the end of 2019 and the installation phase was started. The delivery of the second party S-400, which came up with the first agreement, remains uncertain. The head of the FSVTS of the Federal Service of the Russian Military-Technical Cooperation, Dmitriy Shugayev, made statements to the Ekotürk channel about the process.

Shugayev said that Turkish personnel completed their training process in Russia and returned home. There is a team of Russian experts to provide support on issues such as the operation and commissioning of equipment mentioned The negotiations for a new procurement process came to an agenda again with the completion of the first batch of delivery. Russian State supporting technological cooperation in the future, namely, the participation of Turkish companies in the production process, Shugayev stated that the final decision of the Turkish side is expected and it is difficult to predict when the possible agreement will be signed due to the ongoing COVID-19 process.

Waiting for Turkey's Decision on Second Barth of S-400

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