Warfare Concept of the Future

Warfare Concept of the Future 18 March, 2018

Multipolar world and the predominant role of non-state actors in war strategy have rendered obsolete many customary state doctrines. Realities traditionally acknowledged so far have assumed new names like asymmetric threat, psychological warfare, proxy war and multidimensional war. Irregular military practices employed by strictly unequal parties in the battleground and unbalanced international policies devised out of touch with the world are both the reason and the result of this outcome. 

Although major states have noticed this transformation of reality and acted accordingly, practical applications and conclusions are relative. Next generation warfare appeared in the conventional battleground and in the light of changing security perceptions. Dubbed as “Future War”, this exclusive view was distinct from all acknowledged combat capabilities. This perspective was intended for gathering the heavy bureaucracy under a single and modern organisation to pave the way for new weapons and new approaches to use them.  
These novel approaches are particularly related with “Network-centric Systems.” The importance of using computers and communication network technology to raise common awareness with respect to the battleground is underscored. Great investments are made on cyber- and electronical warfare not only to protect own network but to create havoc in another network. In addition, all these innovations are concentrated on the long-neglected subject of “electronical fighters.” 

Issue 86