Warrior Completed 59 Battlefield Missions

Warrior Completed 59 Battlefield Missions 8 August, 2020

Working to strengthen the Army with platforms that will meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, the United Kingdom left behind an important milestone in the Warrior modernization program.

Lockheed Martin UK, which is subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, one of the world's leading defence companies, announced important news on its official Twitter account. The post included information that the Warrior MCV-80 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) has completed 59 combat missions under Test Phase-1. That milestone means the end of the first phase of Reliability Growth Tests, as well as the progress of the program.

Within the scope of the trials, the test platforms passed more than 29,000 kilometres and fired thousands of ammunition with the weapons they carried. Increasing its situational awareness with modernization, the platform also offers an enhanced cooperation opportunity with infantry elements in the environment. Having a welded aluminium hull, Warrior has also achieved a more advanced fire support capability with new subsystems. Managed by three crew, Warrior is equipped with a stabilized CT40 40mm cannon integrated into the two-man turret as part of modernization. In addition to the modular armour protection package, it had equipment such as 360-degree view cameras, digital subsystems and the fire on the move capability

For platforms that have been active since 1988, the UK signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin UK in July 2018 to modernize and test 11 vehicles in five variants.

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Warrior Completed 59 Battlefield Missions

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