“Warrior” Defy the Years

“Warrior” Defy the Years 10 December, 2018

Lockheed Martin UK, a UK-based subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, made a statement. An information given in announcement about Warrior Capability Sustainment Program (WCSP).

Under the program, the modernized Warrior infantry fighting vehicle has completed unmanned firing trials. Warrior, which serving for many years in the British Army, has travelled 2000 kilometres during tests. As part of firing tests that increased the safety factor by getting unmanned, the CT40 cased weapon system fired more than 150 ammunition. After the successful first phase, manned fire tests are in progress.

Modernized platform, also called Warrior 2, is equipped with an innovative turret designed in accordance with the requirements of the modern battlefield. Stabilized turret system allows the vehicle to shoot during the movement, is equipped with a 40 mm main weapon. Situational awareness of the vehicle has been increased with the sight systems. Warrior 2 is equipped with the new modular protection system, including new generation of armour kits that can be upgraded quickly to the level of protection according to the threat level. With the improved environmental control system, interior space and crew comfort are also increased.

United Kingdom plans to modernize under 380 vehicles under WCSP and plans to use Warriors until 2040s.


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