Washington wants to discuss THAAD with Beijing May 10, 2016

Washington puts pressure on China to start negation with Beijing on the possible deployment of a THAAD, in Republic of Korea.  According to US officials THAAD would be deployed solely to defend against growing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea. China, is concerned that THAAD will undermine the strategic deterrence of China’s long- and mid-range missiles, as well as the regional military balance. Beijing is more concerned about THAAD’s X-band radar system, may damage China’s strategic ability to fight back. US claims that THAAD’s single-stage interceptors deployed in region would not have the range or capability to intercept Chinese ICBMs headed to the United States, US authorities suggest and THAAD will not affect the U.S. ability to detect Chinese strategic nuclear missiles, since the US already has two similar radars in Japan and there are the sea-based X-Band Radar, and the Cobra Dane radar in the Aleutian Islands.

Issue 82