Western In, Russian Out

Western In, Russian Out 4 August, 2020

The winds of change continue in Ukraine, which has an army and defence industry infrastructure inherited from the Soviet Union.

Kyiv had started to work on its regeneration to meet the military's modern battlefield requirements. In this context, the process progressing which initiated for the replacing of the Soviet school infantry rifles in the inventory. New UAR-15 was delivered to the 10th Separate Rapid Response Detachment (Dozor) within the program. The weapon, which is intended to replace almost all Kalashnikov family assault rifles in the use of the Ukrainian Army, fires 5,56x45 mm cartridges, which are NATO round, unlike the country's ammunition infrastructure. Kyiv, which has been working on the use of Western standard systems in many areas, has added the cartridges and the infantry equipment in these plans.

UAR-15, which has a modular structure, has an adjustable type gas block that can optimize the gas pressure in the chamber depending on the ambient conditions. Thanks to the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, which lies across the aluminium receiver and Keymod-type handguard, it is suitable for easy attaching of different kinds of optical and electro-optic equipment, as well as equipment such as weapons, flashlights, laser markers and grips. UAR-15, which equipped with the ambidextrous charging handle, has 3 MOA accuracy thanks to its free-floating barrel in different lengths. The weight of the gun varies depending on the configuration but can reach up to 4 kilograms.

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Western In, Russian Out

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