Which Frigates will Greece Procure?

Which Frigates will Greece Procure? 2 August, 2019


Greece may include Adelaide-class guided-missile frigates in the inventory of the Hellenic Navy. High-ranking officers from the Greek Navy were hosted onboard HMAS Newcastle as it was docked in Singapore during Exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour in May. Two months later, the Australian Embassy in Athens requested a meeting with the head of the Greek Agency for Military Procurements, Vice Admiral Kyriakou Kyriakidis. According to a Greek government press release, the conversation covered “issues of mutual interest in the field of defence equipment and cooperation in the defence industry.” Greek sources indicate Australia requested the meeting to put forward a new offer on the Adelaide class frigates.

Greek Minister for Defence Evangelos Apostolakis referenced the move during a press conference attended by local media in late December. Minister Apostolakis said the Adelaide-class is one of three options under consideration as an interim capability for the Hellenic Navy. Other possibilities include American LCS frigates or the French La Fayette class.

The Adelaide Class is based on the US Navy - Oliver Hazard Perry Design. Newcastle is a long-range escort vessel, capable of air defence, surface and undersea warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance. After more than 25 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Newcastle decommissioned at Garden Island June 2019.

On the other hand, Laurent Mourre, Vice President of Sales for Europe and North America, explained that Greece is interested in France's multi-purpose Belharra frigates.

OHP class is a Gabya-class frigate in the Turkish Navy. TCG GAZİANTEP (F-490), TCG GİRESUN (F-491), TCG GEMLİK (F-492), TCG GELİBOLU (F-493), TCG GÖKÇEADA (F-494),TCG GEDİZ (F-495), TCG GÖKOVA (F-496) and TCG GÖKSU (F-497) a total of eight frigates are in the inventory of the Turkish Navy.

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