Will Tejas Go To Waste?

Will Tejas Go To Waste? 13 November, 2017

The Indian Air Force announced that they did not trust Tejas, the indigenous fighter aircraft produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. According to the article published in India Today, the service explained that Tejas was far behind the equivalent aircraft. India showed the JAS-39 of Sweden and the F-16 fighter of the United States in the category of equivalent aircraft. It was noted that Tejas was not sufficient to defend Indian skies, that it could not compete with its equivalents, and that the maintenance cost of the plane was higher than the others.

India has been supporting the "Make in India" initiative to support domestic solutions for nearly a year. In this framework, the government also wanted to find a solution through Tejas instead of considering an acquisition of foreign-made single-engine aircraft. The answer to the government was an explanation of why Tejas was not appropriate.

According to the information provided by the Indian Air Force, Tejas can stay in combat for a maximum 59 minutes. However, the F-16 can remain in the conflict for almost four hours while Gripen can remain three. Additionally, while Tejas' payload carrying capacity is limited to three tones, the Gripen can fly with a six-ton payload; an F-16 can take-off with seven tons. India ordered 123 Tejas in replacement of the Russian Mig-21 aircraft, but it is unclear what will happen to Tejas in the light of these announcements.

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