Winds of Change in the Far East

Winds of Change in the Far East 11 December, 2017

Organised in Bangkok, the Defense & Security 2017 Exhibition opened its doors with sorrow, immediately after the funeral to bid farewell to the late king of Thailand. 

Increased procurement of modern weapons in the region symbolises the rise in military threat perceptions. It was high time for old and veteran main battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles and armoured personnel carriers listed in the Thailand’s inventory to be replaced with newer versions or modernised. Furthermore, with reference to infantry rifles, which constitute the infantry’s main weapon, the Thai Army is in urgent need for rifle procurement. The Far East’s mountains, forests and rivers feature easily surmountable borders. Therefore, the increasing number of asymmetric attacks and terror incidents require police forces to patrol the terrain more frequently. As a result of these abovementioned reasons; reconnaissance, unmanned reconnaissance and optical systems were on the forefront at D&S 2017. On the other hand, terrain conditions require a reliable and robust communication system. These systems are expected to be modern and encrypted, as well as compatible with each other. In this vein, technology masters like Aselsan and Elbit demonstrated their respective products to visitors.

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