X-Band Order to Saab

X-Band Order to Saab 30 October, 2018

Saab has announced a new order from the US administration. The US's new order was not a direct purchase this time. The company said in an official statement that the United States knocked its doors for X-band active electronic phase array radar technology.

PS-05 / A Mk4 has 100% more effective than its predecessor in air-to-air mode at high altitudes and 40% more effective at low altitudes. The system, which has been shown to be highly effective against targets with low radar cross-sectional area, is also equipped with a sensor for the Meteor missile-optimized datalink sensor. The system, which can operate at 3 meters and sub-meter resolution, has a flexible waveform due to the highly developed data processing mechanism. Sea scan mode is also 100% more effective than the predecessor. The system, which can be operated even in intensive electronic warfare environment, has the ability to record data.

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