XLW 2040I: New Solution for Airborne Vehicles June 27, 2019

The XLW 2040I, a new domestically-developed, 4x4 vehicle specially designed for airdrop missions made its public debut at the opening of the China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair in Fuzhou.

The vehicle's main mission is to intercept and destroy enemy weapons including low altitude jets and cruise missiles. The XLW 2040I is capable of traversing obstacles just over 50cm, passing ditches 75 cm deep and climbing 45-degree slopes. The top speed of the vehicle is 135 km/h. The new vehicle codenamed XLW 2040I is lighter than similar military vehicles, so that it can meet requirements for airdrop missions. The company said the vehicle can be armed with 10 different types of weapons, including a 35mm gun and an anti-tank missile launcher.

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