New Replenishment Tanker Arrived Home

New Replenishment Tanker Arrived Home 28 June, 2020

Modern fleet replenishment vessels are an important power factor for today's navies, thanks to both material and fuel transport during the cruise and advanced command-control capabilities.

The new replenishment vessel HMNZS Aotearoa (A 11), built as part of the Royal New Zealand Navy requirements, arrived at Auckland Harbour last Friday. The journey, which she set sail from the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard located in Ulsan, took 15 days. The acceptance of the ship, which was welcomed by the ceremony attended by the Royal New Zealand Air Force, will be completed in late July 2020.

Developed to replace HMNZS Endeavor (A 11), HMNZS Aotearoa was built by the main contractor, Hyundai Heavy Industries. The ship has a 26,000 tons full displacement, the platform can store 9,500 tons of fuel and drinking water. The tanker, which reduces fuel consumption thanks to its wave-piercing bow form, is 173.2 metres long and 24.5 metres wide. The draught of the ship is 8.4 meters. The tanker has the ability to supply to McMurdo Station located in Antarctica, thanks to its reinforced hull structure against ice, and its special equipment to operate in cold climatic conditions. The platform also has a storage area for 22 20-foot containers, HMNZS Aotearoa, which comes with the drive system in the CODLAD configuration. The platform can also produce 100 tons of fresh drinking water daily thanks to its treatment system. In addition, there is a sick-bay and operating room with full-fledged hospital equipment on board.

HMNZA Aotearoa, which is announced to be based in New Plymouth, is able to replenish a MEKO Class frigate, which also serves in the Turkish Navy inventory by capacity, 14 times.

New Replenishment Tanker Arrived Home

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