New Vehicle to be Launched at DSEI 2019

New Vehicle to be Launched at DSEI 2019 10 September, 2019

The fair period continues throughout the world. Last week, Russia hosted the MAKS19 Air Show, and today the UK International Defence and Security Equipment Fair (DSEI 2019) is being held. These fairs create space for exhibiting new products.

Jankel, based in the UK, is presenting its new Light Tactical Transport Vehicle (LTTV) at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019), being held in London on 10–13 September. Based on the Mercedes UNIMOG 4×4 chassis, the company said the LTTV has a payload of over three tonnes, depending on the version, and exists in three core special forces variants, including an ambulance.

The company announced on March 2018 that the Belgian Ministry of Defence (MoD) had awarded Jankel a contract for 199 LTTVs. The vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in 2019–21.

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