The Search for a Solution Against UAV Threat, Continues

The Search for a Solution Against UAV Threat, Continues October 17, 2019

Against the UAVs that have become widely used as cost-effective solutions in operations such as reconnaissance and surveillance missions, different solutions are being developed worldwide. Roselectrionika of the Russian-based company Rostec designed radar against small UAVs. The radar, which can detect a vehicle within a range of 7.5 kilometers. The radar was designed by Salyut of Roselectronika together with Fakel of Almaz-Antey. The prototypes were prepared and passed through field tests and designed with Russian electronic components.

The target illumination station, which is in a low-altitude course and designed to detect low-contrast targets, transmits information to the command location after it detects an object. The radar is controlled both automatically and manually from a notebook." Traditional radars do not reliably detect drones with a small cross-section. Roselectronika design copes with the task. The radar will be in demand by special and civilian customers," Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

Issue 82