Domestic EOD Robot at Libya

Domestic EOD Robot at Libya 14 June, 2020

EOD disposal robots are crucial to personnel safety for remote control and controlled disposal of suspicious packages and hidden EODs.

Elektroland Defence production bomb disposal robots, which have been providing remote-controlled land solutions to the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement instutions for a long time, are in Libya. In the photos posted on the official social media account of the Ministry of National Defence, it was seen that the company's EOD robots were launched in Libya.

Within the Security and Military Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2019, Libya made a request from the Turkish Armed Forces for the detection and destruction of hidden bombs, mines and IEDs. After that, EOD teams were sent to the region and started to detect and destroy the explosives trapped during the withdrawal of the Haftar forces.

Domestic EOD Robot at Libya

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