Indigenous Turret Solutions

Indigenous Turret Solutions 23 June, 2020

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt answered the question of C4Defence on turret system studies.

Stating that the company has an important infrastructure in the turret area, Nail Kurt pointed out that FNSS solutions are successfully used in second-party vehicles of Malaysia and all platforms of Oman. Stating that today's 25 mm turrets have serious differences with the first systems delivered to Oman, Kurt emphasized that the Remote-Controlled Anti-Tank Turret, the first RCWS system of company, is a very cost-effective solution. Nail Kurt stated that FNSS is currently working on 30 and 35 mm manned and unmanned turret solutions and stated that turret equipment is at least as important as the vehicle solution for the customer.

Indigenous Turret Solutions

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