Turkey Produces First Prototype of Domestic MRI Device

Turkey Produces First Prototype of Domestic MRI Device 17 May, 2020

ASELSAN and Bilkent National Magnetic Resonance Research Center prototype of the first domestic MRI device were produced. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Head of Defense Industry, examined the prototype produced. 
"We have seen an area where joint work will be created in the health sector, both in the field of defence, in the field of our soldiers, security forces, and the electronic, data- image processing and programming techniques learned. Health can be considered as the beginning of these multi-use areas," Prof. Dr. Demir said.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the defence sector is also contributing to the production of the equipment needed in the field of health.  Prof. Dr. Demir stated that ASELSAN carries out its activities in many areas in the field of health, "With the initiative under the leadership of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, a SME company and two major defence industry companies came together to produce a respiratory device and its success is now seen. But that's not the only work. There were five other devices that ASELSAN was already working on. ASELSAN continues to work on artificial ventilators, heart-lung pumps and mobile x-ray devices alongside this MRI device."

Turkey Produces First Prototype of Domestic MRI Device

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