There is No Safe to Enemy with Domestic Penetrator Bomb

There is No Safe to Enemy with Domestic Penetrator Bomb 10 June, 2020

Bunker buster ammunition is the number one weapon for heavily fortified enemy positions and destruction of underground military facilities.

Deliveries of the Penetrator Bomb, which developed within the scope of the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, continue. Presidency of Defence Industry shared information about deliveries with "Penetrator Bomb #NEB deliveries continue. High penetration efficiency at low impact rates and angles. Programmable firing times. Ability to use against different target types. Development: TÜBİTAK SAGE. Production: Production: MKEK" description from its official accounts.

The Penetrator Bomb (Nüfuz Edici Bomba / NEB), developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, is produced with domestic facilities under the main contractor of MKEK. The system, which can be roughly defined as a bomb in a bomb; it can penetrate 35 MPa reinforced concrete at least 2.1 metres thickness. With the ONUR-1 MOD 4 front penetrator and FMU-152 A/B main penetrator, NEB weighs 870 kilograms. The bomb, which has a geometry similar to the 2000-pounder MK-84s, can be used with all guidance kits compatible with the ammunition in question. NEB has the potential to be released from any aircraft that can carry MK-84. Ammunition also includes features such as use against different target types, programmable firing time and structure that maximizes the effectiveness of the main penetrator. NEB offers effective solutions against many targets such as underground petrochemical depots, dams, reinforced hangars, radar posts and command-control centers.

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There is No Safe to Enemy with Domestic Penetrator Bomb

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